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Role Play Helper for ChatGPT&Slack

이 스크립트는 설정, 리뷰, 상호작용 세 가지 주요 영역을 갖춘 직관적인 템플릿 편집기를 제공합니다. 사용자는 설정 영역에서 템플릿을 구성한 다음, 리뷰 및 상호작용 영역의 콘텐츠로 채울 수 있습니다. 내장된 "추가" 버튼은 최신 AI 메시지를 즉시 리뷰 영역에 삽입하여 템플릿 편집을 간단하고 편리하게 합니다.

질문, 리뷰하거나, 이 스크립트를 신고하세요.
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This script offers a highly customizable template editor, enabling users to easily generate and modify templates. The editor consists of three main parts: a setting area, a review area, and an interaction area. In the setting area, users can construct the main body of the template. An example template is "Command area {xxxx} Memory area {xxxx} Review area {{R}} Interaction area {{D}}", where "{R}" and "{D}" are placeholders for the review area and interaction area respectively. The content users input in the review area and interaction area will be automatically filled into these placeholders. Additionally, we provide an "add" button that can automatically retrieve the latest AI message and populate it into the review area, making template editing more convenient. No matter how complex your template is, you can easily handle it with the help of this script.
In addition, the script also offers powerful additional features. You can directly download conversation records, preserving important discussions without fear of loss or forgetfulness. Moreover, our script supports the switching of AI avatars, allowing for a more personalized user experience. Importantly, the script allows for the archiving and management of templates. This means that at any time, with just a click, you can easily find and use templates you've created before, greatly saving your time and effort. These supplementary features are designed to make your template editing process smoother and more efficient.