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BDSMLR - clickable links to original high-res images and display timestamps

This script modifies image posts to link directly to their high-resolution version. The link is available as soon as a box appears around an image. The color of the box indicates the image height. Secondly, the script displays the post timestamp in the upper-right corner.

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This script modifies posts so that embedded images link directly link to their high-resolution version (original upload image "-og" if available).
These links are best opened in a new tab via mouse middle-click or via "save link as ..."

Secondly, the dashboard home stream is modified to show the timestamp of any post in the upper-right corner.

In addition to the above, the script also executes the following on image posts:

  • Smoother endless scrolling
    Endless scrolling on the dashboard is modified to load new content much sooner.
    This avoids constantly reaching the end of the loaded content, having to wait there for new content to load.
  • High-res image links are tested asynchronously in the background
    The moment a valid link is found, a colored box is displayed around the image.
  • High-res image links are color-coded
    Depending only on the image height, the color of the box changes:
    above 2160p: a color between lime and cyan
    1080p - 2160p: blends from lime (1080p) to a color between lime and cyan
    270p - 1080p: blends from red (270p) via yellow (675p) to lime
    0 - 270p: blends from black (0p) to red (270p)
  • still checking in background, or image larger than 20MB, or error: gray
    This background image analysis causes additional network traffic (though most of it will be cached).
  • Fix various incorrect image urls
    Over the years, various bdsmlr infrastructure changes have caused some older images to stop working.
    Either the urls are outright invalid or they point to image servers that no longer house them or that no longer exist.
    In many cases, these incorrect urls can be fixed, though some "-og" original upload versions of images appear to have been lost.
    (If you notice further broken bdsmlr images that my script does not fix, please let me know.)

    As of fall 2022, bdsmlr appears to have decommissioned all old image servers - old images are now truly lost.
  • Show all images of a larger multi-image post
    While there is an option in the settings to turn off the "show x more images" feature, at least in the past, this didn't always work.
    Thus, the script unhides all such additional images automatically.
  • Partially fix broken endless scrolling
    The script deactivates a badly written BDSMLR Javascript method that attempts to hide posts in the dashboard home stream that mention the rival site
    Not only is this annoying, but if there are multiple such posts back-to-back of each other, then this can break endless scrolling.

Except for timestamps, the above works for:
- bdsmlr dashboard (including group streams)
- blogs displayed as overlay on the right side of the dashboard
- blog streams (
- individual posts (
It does NOT work for the archive view of a blog (

I use Firefox with Tampermonkey (pre 4.0 versions with Greasemonkey on Firefox).
Sometimes (especially if the tab loads in the background), the script hooks do not trigger and a reload of the page is needed. This seems to be an issue with Firefox (I've experienced this with other scripts, as well).

Feedback as well as technical advice for further script improvement is welcome.

The script is presented AS-IS with no guarantees.