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投稿日: 2023/12/18

With the 1.17.16 update, video downloads in person story now starts but show an download error, unkown_xxxxxxxx(date)_xxxxxx(hour)_.mp4
For photos it appears to be working well

Thanks for the update and your time.

投稿日: 2023/12/20

Update: The problem with videos reported above has disappeared by yourself, now everything works.

投稿日: 2024/01/02

Update 2: Downloading from the person profile works but for the first story you need to advance to the second story and return to the first story again, if you try to download the first story without advancing the download will show an error "unkown_date_hour_.mp4/jpg"
If the person only has one story, the download will not work on the person profile, you will have to download it from the home page. This problem does not occur on the home page, everything works fine there.