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レート:可 - スクリプトは動作するがバグがある

投稿日: 2023/11/27

It works well but I found two bugs

Downloading videos in highlights does not work, only downloading photos

The second problem is related to buttons, as shown in the image, when the cursor is over on any button or clicks on any button, all the three buttons are also selected automatically. For photos, the download and new tab buttons work even though the three buttons are selected, for videos the buttons do not work even though the three buttons are selected. This problem occurs on the home page, on the profile page the buttons work even if all three buttons are selected. Tested on the latest version of Chrome and thanks for the script and your time.

投稿日: 2023/12/08

And if it helps, downloading stories only works on the home page in the stories selection at the top, not in the feed or profile page