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Evernote Web HTML editor

This scripts adds a button to edit the HTML code of a note in Evernote Web

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Recensione: OK - lo script funziona, ma ha degli errori.

Pubblicato: 22/01/2019

Not official update that works with the latest version of evernote for web

Hi, I've just quickly updated the script to make it work with the latest version of evernote for web.

It's not perfect: in order to "save changes" you have to change anything inside the note (e.g. enter an empty space, modify text, etc) after editing the html.

You can download it here:

You can install it by various ways:

  1. by replacing the content of an old script in tamper monkey with a new one, than click "ctrl+s"
  2. by adding a new script in tampermonkey (by pressing "+"), then replace all content, click "ctrl+s"
Pubblicato: 03/02/2019

Hi Pavel, thanks for posting.

It seems that the new version only works on Chrome, therefore I will not consider maintaining a script that I cannot use.

You might want to consider forking my script and releasing it here on Greasy Fork, so that more people can use it. :smile:

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