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MTurk HIT DataBase Legacy

Extended ability to search HITs you have worked on and other useful tools (CSV export/import, requester notes, requester block, pending/projected earnings)

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THIS SCRIPT IS OBSOLETE! Please update to the new and improved version here. If you really want to keep this script, you can still download it, but keep in mind that it will no longer be updated.

Updating to try to fix some issues.

Attempted to update to fix the issue where people who don't have "show earnings" do not see the pending earnings

New update: Run this script to convert your DB to make the alert stop popping up:

v1.9.4: Updated so the alert will only show up 3 times. If you haven't converted you DB by 3 times, you don't need to.
v1.9.5: Clicked update too soon...oops
v1.9.6: Fixed the pending earnings thing again, it was reverted when I updated 1.9.3
v1.9.6.1: Removed the patch notification