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Turkdigo Pace Calculator

Calculate the pace at which you need to complete HITs to earn a target minimum wage.

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This is an enhanced version of an informative script Turkdigo posted on the MTurkGrind forum. I offered to post it on GF and make some improvements, and he gave the go-ahead. This resulting script now has been tested in both Firefox and Chrome-based browsers, appears to be fully compatible with the many other scripts I use, displays data on both search results pages and individual HIT pages in an improved position, and more-clearly labels the data; and users can click on the current target wage and wait time (your expected reload delay between HITs) settings to easily change them. The default settings are $7.25/hr and 2sec wait, and it will reset to those if you enter invalid input in the settings prompts. If you want the calculations without considering load times, you can enter 0 for the wait setting. Output is rounded to the nearest second per HIT and tenth of a HIT. If a HIT can take 10min or more at your target wage rate, 'HITs/min' will display '--' since 0.1 HITs/min is the lowest it will go.

Example screenshots:

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