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YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD

Buffers the video without autoplaying and puts it in HD if the option is on. For Firefox, Opera, & Chrome

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Recensione: OK - lo script funziona ma può essere migliorato

Deleted user 4151
breaks YT playlist autoplay function

It breaks youtube playlist autoplay functionality, even if i set userscript to "Auto play", it will not go to next video in playlist.

Could you Please fix it? Thanks!
I will add to that. Since last youtube functionality change - that added auto-play button, and moved next/previous buttons under the actual video-player - the script works kinda funky with play-lists.

I tend to have bookmarked video tab of few favourite channels - I open them, check for new videos, open them (new videos) on new firefox tabs (via middle mouse - open in new tab without focusing that tab).

Before it was OK when it was opening them as just a video. Later they changed it so that it actually opens them as play-lists - which actually was an upgrade in my eyes.

BUT then they added the auto-play function - which is automatically always ON - which sucks - it jumps to next video in play-list when the video ends and your script pauses that next video to buffer it - but that means I need to go back to read comments after the video which I often do.

Also there is I think an issue - when you actually override to play videos in play-lists. It randomly opens next videos or not - which is kinda bad - if you want to just run some music play-list in background while doing other stuff, cause you need to jump back to run next song once per while, or even each damn song if unlucky.

So to sum up:
- There is something wrong with override play in play-lists since they added auto-play functionality (but I didn't check yet if its actually script fault overall, or just override option fault).
- It would be nice to have an option to change the shuffle/auto-play state in the script, so that it will change state of those two buttons while opening video in play-list, so that auto-play wont be always ON whenever I open a play-list video in new tab.

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