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CH MTurk Qualifications Wrapper

Word-wraps long qualifications on individual HIT pages, with better multi-script compatibility. Now also word-wraps the HIT links cells on search results pages.

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When a requester specifies an unusually long list of qualifications on a HIT, the individual HIT page displays the quals in its info table with word-wrapping turned off, so that it becomes a long stretching-off-the-page single line of all the quals. To correct this, Chet Manley wrote the first MTurk Qualifications Wrapper script, which is one line long. It likely works fine for most people, but with all the other userscripts I had running, it had an unsatisfactory side effect - the table cell containing the qualifications became too wrapped, scrunched-up unnecessarily long and narrow, a couple words per line. To counteract this side effect, I ended up rewriting MTurk Qualifications Wrapper to use insertion of CSS style overrides (like my CH Google Color-Coded Results uses), instead of the original attribute removal method. If you're not one of the few people to have this problem, my version should still work for you too, although there's no reason to switch from Chet's.

As of v1.1c, now also allows word-wrapping in the HIT links cells on search results pages - the 'View a HIT in this group', 'Take Qualification test', etc area - to prevent horizontal scrolling when it would otherwise happen due to a combination of window/monitor size and zoom level, and/or long HIT title, and/or lots of buttons being added after HIT titles by other scripts, and/or a HIT with lots of qual tests, and/or the wide border and long-format date info added by mmmturkeybacon Color-Coded Search With Checkpoints on checkedpointed HITs, etc.

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