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Twitter: bring back old name and logo

Changes the logo, tab name, and naming of "tweets" on Twitter

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Yet another userscript that brings back old Twitter logo Twitter. If you like the script, you can like and retweet this tweet or tweet something yourself about the userscript!

See also userstyles Twitter: hide Verified/Premium in sidebar and Twitter: hide Grok in sidebar.

This userscript works even in Firefox logo Firefox for Android! Testing mobile version is hard (desktop's pretend mobile version doesn't match actual mobile version exactly), so fixes when stuff breaks in mobile version are much slower.

Only English language of the interface is supported.

This userscript changes:

  • General
    • tab icon
    • tab name:
      • 'Notifications / Twitter' and 'Jane Doe on Twitter: "hello"'
      • 'Compose new tweet' on mobile version
    • logo on the loading screen and logo in the header
    • birdhouse icon for /home links
  • Sending tweets
    • button to send tweets ("Post" → "Tweet", "Post all" → "Tweet all")
    • placeholder "Add another tweet!" when tweeting several tweets at once
    • placeholder "Tweet your reply!" when replying (both inline and in a popup)
    • popup ("toast") message "Your tweet was sent."
  • Profile pages
    • counter of tweets on profile pages ("123 posts" → "123 tweets" and "14.2K posts" → "14.K tweets")
    • tab "Tweets" in the tabs "Tweets", "Replies", "Media", "Likes"
  • Tweets in a timeline/profile/thread
    • tooltip of the retweet button ("Retweet" and "Undo retweet")
    • menu item "Retweet" in the dropdown for retweet button
    • menu items in dropdown "More" under three dots button (top right corner)
    • menu items in dropdown "Share" under Share button (bottom right corner)
    • hidden tweets:
      • "This Tweet is from an account you muted." & "This Tweet is from an account you blocked."
      • "You’re unable to view this Tweet because this account owner limits who can view their Tweets."
      • "This Tweet was deleted by the Tweet author."
      • "This Tweet is from an account that no longer exists."
    • Button "Translate tweet"
  • Timeline
    • popup "pill" with "X, Y, Z tweeted" and "See new tweets"
    • clickable link "Show N tweets"
    • small text above retweets: "🗘 Jane Doe retweeted" and "🗘 You retweeted"
  • Individual tweet's page
    • retweets counter: "42 Reposts" → "42 Retweets"
    • quote tweets counter: "13 Quotes" → "13 Quote Tweets"
    • text "Tweet" in the header
    • text in the header "Retweeted by"
    • text in the header "Quote Tweets"
    • text in the header "Tweet engagements"
  • Notifications page
    • mentions of tweets and retweets (e.g. "retweeted your tweet")
  • Deleting tweets
    • header "Delete tweet?"

Source code and changelog are available on GitHub.

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