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To search scripts using Google Search

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GreasyFork Scripts by Google Search


The GreasyFork Scripts by Google Search is a user script that enhances the script search functionality on by utilizing Google Search. This script allows you to search for scripts using Google's powerful search engine, providing you with more accurate and comprehensive search results.


Currently there are only two features. Just type and search in the main page

  1. g YouTube

It will use Google to search the scripts with "YouTube" in Greasy Fork.

  1. tamer

It will use Greasy Fork to search the scripts with "tamer" in Greasy Fork with site(domain) ""


  • Improved Search: Instead of relying solely on GreasyFork's built-in search functionality, this user script integrates Google Search to enhance the script search experience.
  • Google Search Syntax: You can use advanced search operators and syntax supported by Google to refine your search queries. This includes options such as excluding specific types of pages and limiting the search to GreasyFork's script pages.
  • Accurate and Comprehensive Results: By leveraging the capabilities of Google Search, you can expect more accurate and extensive results, improving your chances of finding the desired scripts.
  • Easy to Use: The user script seamlessly integrates with the website, adding the enhanced search functionality to the existing search input. You can initiate a Google search by simply entering your query preceded by "g " (e.g., "g script name").


The GreasyFork Scripts by Google Search user script is designed to work with the website. It is compatible with modern web browsers that support user scripts, such as Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey.