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Reddit Fix

Fix of the infinite scroll, Hide subreddits, see full image actually shows the full image, html5 video player, remove background effects, copy video adress

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This script is made using the new reddit design. You might have some features working on the old one but i can't guarantee it.
This script will try to fix the infinite scroll on reddit desktop. It will remove the top 69 topics when you scroll far down keeping at max 100 topics in the dom. You get some options to restore the topics and save them in ram if you want or just keep the old behavior.

A custom menu will appear on the top right of reddit with an icon of a peach:


video player using the default html 5

Show Spoiler/nsfw while having the reddit filter on, right click for extra menu


See full image (will also work for see full tweet):


You can disable the background effects on comments with rewards


You can now hide subreddits from your feed example. This option is case sensitive :