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Udemy - Improved Course Library

Shows rating, number of reviews and number of students enrolled for all courses in your library

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Udemy - Improved Course Library

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What it does

This user script adds additional course info to the courses in your Udemy course library.

It employs the Udemy API to grab more info about the courses in you library and appends under each course:

  • The total runtime of the course
  • The rating of the course
  • The number of ratings
  • The number of students enrolled
  • The date of the last update

Additionally it displays a thin colored strip at the bottom of the course card, from red (3.5 stars and below) to green (5 stars).

This should provide you with a good overview which course is worth its salt, and which course you might want to archive instead.

Note: If a course has stopped enrollment and isn't visible publicly anymore, no stats are available for that course.


How to use

To use user scripts you need to first install a user script manager. They come as extensions for various browsers:

After you have installed a user script manager, click here to install the user script and visit your Udemy course library 😃