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Add links from IMDb pages to torrent sites -- easy downloading from IMDb

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Add links in IMDb pages to torrent sites -- easy downloading from IMDb


The Github repository is the best place to report bugs and submit changes, however I will still make an effort to check the GreasyFork page or any other relevant places.

Adding new sites

Inside the script, there is a list of dictionaries that contains of all the sites, and the data necessary to check IMDb against them. Each site is a dictionary with the following attributes:

  • name: The site name, abbreviated
  • searchUrl: The URL to perform the search against, see below for how to tailor the string to a site
  • matchRegex: The string which appears if the searchUrl doesn't return a result
  • postiveMatch (optional): Changes the test to return true if the searchUrl does return a result that matches matchRegex
  • TV (optional): If true, it means that this site will only show up on TV pages. By default, sites only show up on movie pages
  • both (optional): Means that the site will show up on both movie and TV pages

To create a search URL, there are four parameters you can use inside the URL:

  • %tt%: The IMDb id with the tt prefix (e.g. tt0055630)
  • %nott%: The IMDb id without the tt prefix (e.g. 0055630)
  • %search_string%: The movie title (e.g. Yojimbo)
  • %year%: The movie year (e.g. 1961)

See the script for examples.


Follows a bastardization of the semver standard:

  • Patch versions will not change behavior, only the URL/settings for trackers.
  • Minor versions will definitely change code, although behavior may in fact remain the same.
  • Major versions will definitely change behavior, although it will only be increased at the discretion of the current maintainer.