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GreasyFork Helper

This script will add several shortcut buttons under each script item on the script list page and script author's home page of GreasyFork website. Including features such as direct installation, Temporarily hidden, blacklisting, and more exciting needs you to find out. And an input box was added at the top of the script list items, So you can filter out your own scripts by keywords.Author:浴火凤凰(QQ Number:307053741,QQ Group Number:194885662)

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Recensione: Bene - lo script funziona

Pubblicato: 01/05/2020



Pubblicato: 05/05/2020

谢谢你的建议。我以前想过这个问题,但是没有找到可以获取油猴已安装脚本列表的接口,后面我再想想看有没有其它可以实现的思路,如果你有思路,也可以提出来。 关于根据关键字过滤脚本的功能本脚本已经实现类似功能,在脚本列表页面顶部有一个输入框,可以根据关键字过滤出你想看的脚本。

Pubblicato: 24/05/2020

@"闲云野鹤" 说道: 希望可以根据关键字过滤掉不想看的脚本,比一个个加入黑名单方便快捷;对已安装脚本标示,如有新版本并在下方功能按钮处添加更新的手动点击更新按钮

根据关键字过滤脚本功能 已经加上,更新脚本就能看到。

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