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GreasyFork Helper

This script will add several shortcut buttons under each script item on the script list page and script author's home page of GreasyFork website. Including features such as direct installation, Temporarily hidden, blacklisting, and more exciting needs you to find out. And an input box was added at the top of the script list items, So you can filter out your own scripts by keywords.Author:浴火凤凰(QQ Number:307053741,QQ Group Number:194885662)

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Pubblicato: 11/05/2020



Pubblicato: 24/05/2020

出现这种情况 一般是油猴的问题。 可以试试关闭油猴 刷新页面 重新打开油猴 刷新页面 再点击安装看看

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