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HTML5 Video Player Enhance

To enhance the functionality of HTML5 Video Player (h5player) supporting all websites using shortcut keys similar to PotPlayer.

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To use this script, your browser shall be a "modern" browser - supporting ES6, CSS3, and etc.

Original Coding :播放器增强插件-修订版/code (v2.5.1 2019-09-11) & (v11.5 2019-04-25)

The main difference from the original chinese version is to making this h5Player more general for every website. Features are not as many as the original one, but more efficient and effective.

The enhancement won't bring significant performance impact to the usage. Same as original, the functions are used by shortcut keys.

The following features are unlikely to develop in the near future: "Fullpage" "Screen Capture"

  • The following shortcut keys shall refer to the standard QWERTY keyboard layout.
Shortcut Keys for video control (general):
  • Playback speed 播放速度 [ Key: Z / X / C ]
  • Frame Control 幀控制 [ Key: F / D ]
  • Fullscreen 全螢幕 [Key: Enter]
  • Miniscreen 小螢幕 [Key: N, Shift-P]
  • Restore your playback progress [key: shift-R]
  • Mute 靜音 [Key: M]
  • Debug Logging [ Key: Shift-O]
  • Open in Potplayer [ Key: Shift-T]
  • Switch ON/OFF the script [Key: Shift + `]
  • Volume Adjustment [Key: Shift + Wheel up/down]
Shortcut Keys for video control (graphics):
  • RESET [ Key: Q ]
  • Brightness 亮度 [ Key: E / W ]
  • Saturate 飽和度 [ Key: U / Y ]
  • Contrast 對比度 [ Key: T / R ]
  • Hue 色調 [ Key: O / I ]
  • Blur 模糊 [ Key: K / J ]
  • ROTATION [ Key: S ]
  • Zoom [ Key: Shift-Z/Shift-X/Shift-C ]
  • Video Graphics Filter [ Key: Shift-F ]
    • (default: unsharpen9_05)
    • (others: unsharpen3_05, unsharpen3_10, unsharpen5_05, unsharpen5_10, unsharpen9_05)
    • empty means no filter
    • Remarks: The graphic filter will make the video sharpen but might cause lower performance of playing.