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Recensione: Bene - lo script funziona

Pubblicato: 17/10/2023

Hi, could you add functionality for Wikiwand (it's basically Wikipedia, but with a more appealing UI). Also, if possible, functionality on Radarr movie pages would be greatly appreciated.

Pubblicato: 20/10/2023

I can probably add Wikiwand.

I don't have Radarr or know what it is. Is it a self-hosted thing?

Pubblicato: 02/11/2023

I added Wikiwand and Radarr. For Radarr you need to set the @match in the script to your personal server address. Default is @match http://localhost:7878/*

Pubblicato: 03/11/2023

Hi, thanks a lot! It works great on both radarr and wikiwand. I noticed you even added the new domain name for psarips. Thanks again!

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