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2.5 tons of enhancements

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Feature requests and bug reports please submit at github

This userscript adds/fixes the following:

  • Fixed browser history inflates after each page refresh
  • Fixed jumping via back/forward in browser does nothing
  • Fixed removing color would not remove the show from database
  • Fixed date added to the search keywords when using info:NN in search field (when clicked on show all shows link)
  • Fixes thepiratebay links that don't show any results (removed some special characters from search links)
  • Fixed search field auto clears after clicking on it
  • Fixed search not initialized after paste text via right click
  • Fixed search bar doesn't have X button after page refresh and browser filled the search field with previous text
  • Fixed support for Microsoft Edge browser
  • Fixed members unable clear their colors all at once
  • Ability change (offset) season/episode numbers
  • User selected number of past/future weeks to show
  • Mark episodes as "watched"
  • Collapse multiple entries of same show in one day into one entry and expand it when cursor is over
  • Border around today's day
  • Border around opened entry
  • Cursor over a show highlights show with a light yellow instead of bright yellow and fixes text color on shows with dark background
  • Removes some characters from show's links, which fixes search of some shows on some websites
  • Special treatment for comments of troll Tubashit on any Disqus-enabled websites.
  • Middle click on show title opens selected search engines in new tabs, middle click on day's title opens selected search engines in new tabs for each "My show" of that day.
  • Ability hide shows (hidden shows either totally hidden or crossed off, controlled via options)
  • Separate filter for New and Returning shows
  • Past days are faded
  • New search tag info:myshows it displays list of user's all shows
  • New search tag info:hidden it displays list of hidden shows
  • Backup/Restore settings, including hidden, watched shows and custom links
  • Links manager: allows you edit existing, add new, hide and sort links
  • Link to reset password page for members
  • Option to truncate long titles
  • Hashtag commands: #myshows, #hidden, #s:showname, #info:showid
  • Option to change time offset (timezone)
  • Automatically change "today" at midnight (option)
  • Up to 105 custom colors are remembered and shown as quick pick together with 5 default colors
  • Disqus notification badge shows on top of the page.
  • Option to change size of site's logo
  • Option to control animation speed
  • Dark theme

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