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  • v20230531.2 31/05/2023

    Another update for cookies at Yandex domains.

  • v20230531.1 31/05/2023

    Potential fix for light/dark skin on Yandex.

  • v20230531.0 31/05/2023

    Updated code for

  • v20230530.0 30/05/2023

    Fixed issue on, Ukrainian language support in script's Options window.

  • v20230510.0 10/05/2023

    Updated compatibility tags and description.

  • v20230510.0 10/05/2023

    Removed outdated code for all-episodes.tld.

  • v20221120.0 19/11/2022 => all-episodes.tld

  • v20221001.0 30/09/2022

    Added into exclude list:

  • v20220615.0 15/06/2022

    Disabled on

  • v20220515.0 15/05/2022

    Removed outdated code for Avito which caused issues.

  • v20220123.0 23/01/2022

    Removed blocking of suspicious requests from since it breaks their games on Yandex games.

  • v20220121.0 21/01/2022

    Skip Ya wrapper on yandex/games - breaks some of them.

  • v20220112.0 12/01/2022

    Fixed another issue on caused by missing property in a stub.

  • v20220111.1 11/01/2022

    Fixed bug on caused by missing method in a stub.

  • v20220111.0 11/01/2022

    Huh, apparently Ya stub were necessary on yandex domains. Well, restored this code specifically for Yandex domains.

  • v20220109.0 09/01/2022

    Removed entire Ya object wrapper since it looks like it doesn't help anything anywhere anymore and only create problems on sites which use aggressive code-minifiers and dump all their variables in the global context. -_-

  • v20211225.0 25/12/2021

    Fixed crash caused by script on

  • v20211217.1 17/12/2021

    Another update for liveinternet.

  • v20211217.0 17/12/2021

    Updated code for

  • v20211128.0 28/11/2021

    Updated code for Fixed broken images in the news articles.

  • v20211123.0 23/11/2021

    Removed outdated code for

  • v20211120.2 20/11/2021

    Forgot to remove debug line.

  • v20211120.1 20/11/2021

    Updated code for

  • v20211120.0 20/11/2021

    Removed unused detector circumvention on Added option to show/hide some additional logging. Will be used in more places eventually when script logs way too much.

  • v20210815.0 14/11/2021

    Fix for

  • v20210811.0 08/11/2021

    Fixes for

  • v20210703.2 03/07/2021

    Removed debug check from code for Rustorka.

  • v20210703.1 03/07/2021

    Minor change in order of checks in part of selectiveCookies.

  • v20210703.0 03/07/2021

    Updated code for Rustorka and updated selectiveCookies in order to support valued filters... even though it end up unused.

  • v20210630.0 30/06/2021

    Added to skipYa list since they have their own Ya in window.

  • v20210619.0 19/06/2021

    Updated code for and

  • v20210618.0 18/06/2021

    Updated code for

  • v20210612.0 12/06/2021

    Forgot to disable logging in the modified rule.

  • v20210612.0 12/06/2021

    Updated code for Yandex (initial implementation of procedural hiding were wrong) and some adjustments for gardener function.

  • v20210611.0 11/06/2021

    Updated code for Yandex News and Sport.

  • v20210608.0 08/06/2021

    Moved Ya.share2 stub to code specific for No reason to break social buttons for everyone.

  • v20210601.0 01/06/2021

    Updated code for

  • v20210529.2 29/05/2021

    Updated code for

  • v20210529.1 29/05/2021

    Updated code for 4pda.

  • v20210529.0 28/05/2021

    Updated code for

  • v20210524.0 24/05/2021

    Ya.share2 stub for

  • v20210516.0 16/05/2021

    4pda changed domain.

  • v20210503.0 03/05/2021

    Restored wrapper for Anidub with fixes instead of stub since there are cases when stub can't help.

  • v20210502.0 02/05/2021

    Updated code for Anidub once more.

  • v20210430.1 30/04/2021

    Updated code for Anidub.

  • v20210430.0 30/04/2021

    Updated code for Yandex main page.

  • v20210424.0 24/04/2021

    Updated code for

  • v20210423.0 22/04/2021

    Updated code for

  • v20210330.3 30/03/2021

    A few minor changes to compat markers comments.

  • v20210330.3 30/03/2021

    Apparently, @compatible markers don't support languagues.

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