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Restore YouTube Username from Handle to Custom

Mengembalikan Nama Pengguna YouTube dari Handle ke Kustom

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 15 Juni 2023


I had just discovered your script before your reply here

Unfortunately the versions 0.1.1, 0.1.7 and 0.1.12 never worked for me :-(

Neither in the community section of a channel nor in the comments under videos.

I've even disabled all the scripts that I use for YouTube without success... Tried on normal and portable Chrome.

So I'm confused and I wonder if I've understood the purpose of your script, because I thought if I'm not mistaken that the @ should become the username as before...

In addition, I don't understand what's wrong with me and I have no idea :-(

Thank you for your answer.

Google Chrome Browser with Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey

Posted: 15 Juni 2023
Edited: 15 Juni 2023

Um. I have tested it should work in Google Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, with Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey

What is your browser version? Is it already the latest version?

Right click the YouTube page, in the context menu click Inspect, any message or error in the console?

Remember to Press Ctrl-Shift-R to full reload the youtube page after this script is enabled.

Posted: 15 Juni 2023

Also, in the Inspect window, click "Network" tab.

Can you found those lines under Initiator = Restore Youtube .... ? Are their response "200" like my screenshot?


Posted: 16 Juni 2023

After several new tests these last hours,
I'm no longer confused at all, because I've found the culprit...
It's because of this extension for Chrome that was recently updated ->

So really sorry for the error and for the inconvenience, because your script works very well everywhere on YouTube ;-)

After all, every extension and every script are trying to work as best they can on YouTube lol.

I'm glad now that I know a little better about the current situation...

Posted: 16 Juni 2023

Otherwise as I'm running Windows 8.1, Google Chrome forced me to stay on their version 109 :-(

On the other hand, I don't have Initiator = Restore YouTube Username from Handle to Custom when 'Improve YouTube!' 🎧 (for YouTube & Videos) is enabled or disabled...

Posted: 16 Juni 2023

From my understanding, Improve YouTube is a popular extension but it changes the layout a lot. It is not recommended to use it because its update is not fast enough to chase the change of YouTube's layouting. YouTube is doing their changing every 2~3 month.

I believe the "@username" will be changed again afterwards.

I have installed Improve YouTube! to test but no issue can be found. Can you export your settings and give it to me so that I can find out what happen?


Posted: 16 Juni 2023
Edited: 16 Juni 2023

Just found that if this is set to Videos, this script will no longer works. Please try to change the settings in "Channel" to see whether the issue gone.


Try This:

  • Default Home
  • Trailer autoplay ON
  • Play all OFF
  • hide featured content OFF
Posted: 16 Juni 2023

Problem solved. Update to 0.2.0 please.

Posted: 16 Juni 2023

The exported settings of 'Improve YouTube!' on Chrome as requested :

add_scroll_to_top false
ads "block_all"
always_show_progress_bar false
analyzer {…}
avoid_cpu_rendering_when_possible "av1-vp8-vp9"
below_player_loop false
below_player_pip false
below_player_screenshot false
blacklist_activate false
channel_default_tab "/home"
channel_play_all_button false
channel_trailer_autoplay false
channel_videos_count true
collapse_of_subscription_sections false
comments "normal"
comments_sidebar_position false
day_of_week false
description "normal"
embeddedHidePauseOverlay true
embeddedHideYoutubeLogo true
forced_theater_mode false
ga 1668977477971
header_hide_country_code false
header_hide_right_buttons false
header_improve_logo false
header_position "normal"
hide_clip_button "hidden"
hide_details false
hide_download_button "hidden"
hide_gradient_bottom false
hide_report_button true
hide_scroll_for_details true
hide_thanks_button "hidden"
hide_thumbnail_overlay false
hide_views_count false
hide_voice_search_button true
how_long_ago_the_video_was_uploaded true
improvedtube_buttons true
language "en"
legacy_youtube false
legacy_youtube_migration true
legacy_youtube_migration2 true
livechat "normal"
mark_watched_videos true
migrated true
mini_player false
no_page_margin true
only_one_player_instance_playing false
player_ads "block_all"
player_autopause_when_switching_tabs false
player_autoplay true
player_autoplay_button true
player_color "green"
player_crop_chapter_titles true
player_forced_volume false
player_h264 true
player_hd_thumbnail false
player_hide_annotations false
player_hide_cards true
player_hide_controls "off"
player_hide_endscreen true
player_hide_skip_overlay true
player_loudness_normalization true
player_miniplayer_button true
player_next_button true
player_popup_button false
player_previous_button true
player_remaining_duration false
player_repeat_button true
player_rotate_button false
player_screenshot_button true
player_show_cards_on_mouse_hover false
player_size "do_not_change"
player_size_migrated true
player_subtitles false
player_transparent_background false
player_volume 400
playlist_repeat false
playlist_reverse true
playlist_shuffle false
playlist_up_next_autoplay true
popup_window_buttons false
rate_notify 5
red_dislike_button false
related_videos "normal"
remove_related_search_results false
scroll_bar "default"
squared_user_images true
theme "dark"
theme_primary_color […]
theme_text_color […]
title_version true
track_watched_videos false
up_next_autoplay false
watched {…}
youtube_home_page "/"
youtube_language "fr"

Otherwise, this is how my settings have always been in Channel Settings in screenshot.

I hope all this can help you...

Posted: 16 Juni 2023

Thanks. I have tested the version 0.3.0 with your setting. Should have no compatibility issue.

Posted: 17 Juni 2023

Thank you so much for your kindness and for all your work ;-)
It's very nice to you.

Now, everything is working on my side so far.

Posted: 25 Maret 2024

Now that I've identified the problem, I'm completely clearheaded. It's as a result of the recently upgraded Chrome extension. slice master

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