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Review: OK - script works, but could use improvement


implement site restart?

script works great so far. but it happens sometimes that, after letting it run for a few hours unsupervised, that it is on some error page cause it for whatever reason tried to open the site "" (so the normal open site url, but with undefined at the end, whcih obviously cant be found) this is shit cause obviously the script doesnt do anything then until I delete the useless "undefined" in the url and press enter.

could you please add some check that it still is on the site?

cause that sucks. you think the thing has worked for hours, just to see that it maybe 10 minutes in did that shit and therefor didnt work the rest of the time :-(


Since I couldnt the script in a way that it would always work, I just write myself a short script that only works on the error page that one gets to every once in a while:

as soon as the error page (the one with .dashboard.phpundefined at the end) is opened, tampermonkey executs the script, which just goes to the coirrect .dashboard.php page.

so jsut an automatic redirct to the right site. where this script here kicks in again. :-)

complicate workaround but it should work for now :-)

Bboy TechAuthor
updated in the main script

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