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Magic Userscript+ : Afficher le site Tous les UserJS

Recherche les userscripts disponibles pour la page web en cours.

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Magic Userscript+


If the current webpage is set to block resources through CSP

It can cause this script not work for that webpage!

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A complete rewrite of Userscript+ : Show Site All UserJS

Finds available Userscripts for the current webpage, the power of Greasy Fork on the go!


List of known issues by Web Browser



Userscript Userscript

Web Extension:

Version Install Alternative Notes
Chrome/Edge/Opera GitHub N/A Work in progress
Firefox GitHub Add-on Store Work in progress

(Not Recommended) Bookmarklet:

Save this URL as a bookmark, clicking it will cause the userscript version to inject itself into the current webpage.


Using Tabs
Installing Userscript


  • Designed for mobile and desktop devices
  • Support multiple languages - date formats will match your current language
  • Ability to customize theme
  • Ability to import / export config and theme
  • Ability to search for userscripts
  • Ability to filter userscripts which do not match your current language
  • Ability to query userscripts from any hostname
  • Ability to sort userscripts, default sorting "Daily Installs"
  • Available search engines Greasy Fork, Sleazy Fork, Open UserJS, GitHub ( requires a Personal Access Token, the token does not require any permissions )
  • Built-in userscript Greasyfork Search with Sleazyfork Results include
  • Preview any userscript code before install
  • Save any userscript to local file
  • Highlights which userscripts are created by the author
  • Highlights recommended userscripts from the author

Userscript Features:

Tested and compatible with TamperMonkey or ViolentMonkey

  • Ability to maximize, minimize, or exit the userscript list
  • Ability to change the position of floating counter
  • Sync config with Userscript Manager or choose to have site based configs

Bookmarklet Features:

  • Ability to maximize, minimize, or exit the userscript list
  • Ability to change the position of floating counter
  • Ability to choose to have site based configs

Webextension Features:

  • N/A

FAQ / Troubleshooting

How do I open the menu?:

  • Click or touch the bottom right of a webpage

Nothing appears bottom right:

List of known issues by Web Browser

Error occurred while injecting Container:

  • Try again on another webpage [Test Page]
  • This error is caused by the current webpage not supporting attachShadow

Error occurred while loading UserJS for this webpage:

  • Reload the webpage or try again on a different webpage [Test Page]
  • This error may be caused by
    • An error occurred in an enabled search engine while fetching content
    • Script is unable to fetch content on current or all webpages

No available UserJS for this webpage:

  • This error can be caused when no UserJS could be found in enabled search engines
  • If there are known UserJS to exist in enabled search engines, enable Filter out other languages

Viewing UserJS Logs

  • Open your web browsers Inspect Element and navigate to it's Console
  • Locate the following [UserJS] < message > ( you can filter your Console by entering UserJS or [ )
  • If nothing appears, this means the script is not executing at all!
  • For any additional help, submit a New Issue


Developed in VSCodium

Install Node.js and pnpm. The version of Node.js should match "node" key in package.json.

# Install dependencies
$ pnpm i

Userscript Version

Desktop version - developed using ViolentMonkey, see How to edit scripts with your favorite editor?

Mobile version - developed using FireFox Developer Edition "Responsive Design Mode" on desktop + cromite app on Android

# Watch and compile to local HTTP server
$ pnpm run dev:UserJS

# Compile UserJS
$ pnpm run pub:UserJS

Webextension Version

# Compile webextension (dev version) for "Chromium" to "./tests/chrome"
$ pnpm run dev:Cr
# Compile webextension (dev version) for "Firefox" to "./tests/chrome"
$ pnpm run dev:FF
# Compile webextension (public version) for "Chromium" to "./tests/chrome"
$ pnpm run webpack:Cr
# Compile webextension (public version) for "Firefox" to "./tests/chrome"
$ pnpm run webpack:FF

# [ Testing ]
# Browsers can be launched via "Run and Debug" in VSCode.
# Edit runtimeExecutable in ".vscode/launch.json" to your Chrome executable.
# Recommended to create an additional profile "about:profiles" for Firefox.


  • Finish webextension version

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