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Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer) [USw] v.55

For a Wide Screen and the YouTube New Design

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Posté le: 03/07/2021
Édité le: 03/07/2021

Um.. I think it is a bit ugly. Will you update its appearance??

Or I am the only one having this problem??

I use it in Chrome / Edge (Blink Engine). No other plugins / userscripts.

I know you are using Firefox. The looking using your new version is better, but it is still a bit ugly..

Posté le: 05/07/2021
Édité le: 05/07/2021

Thanks for the report!

It's the white layout the problem?

I always use the dark layout of Youtube...
And use an userscript for that.

But, i take care at the difference between the both, but not enough it seems .

Seems the dark gradient background of the bottom player the worth.

Can you precise on a screenshot where you see problems ?

Posté le: 05/07/2021

My update is better ?

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