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Youtube polymer engine fixes

Some fixes for Youtube polymer engine

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As old layout engine for YouTube are now partially disabled, there is a script to fix some annoying things.

Settings are accessed through screwdriver and wrench icon at the header of page.

Currently inplemented options:

  • align video list on main page;
  • align video player on the page;
  • change channel home tab;
  • change YT logo target;
  • cleanup links;
  • collapse "guide" menu by default;
  • constant video player size;
  • convert "shorts" vide format to normal one;
  • disable video on-hover previews;
  • display full video title;
  • hide channel banners;
  • hide/extend resume bar;
  • hide suggestion blocks;
  • hide player forward/backward winding overlay;
  • hide side panels on video pages;
  • modify watched video thumbnails;
  • set video quality (disables auto quality);
  • show exact views and likes counts;
  • show simplified views counts;
  • simpler fullscreen mode;
  • smaller video thumbnails;
  • remove round corners on thumbnails and player;
  • remove shelves on video page;
  • resize video description;
  • "try load more" button for some pages with dynamic content load;
  • unstick header bar from top of the screen.

You also can get alerted about script updates (see 'Script' tab on settings page).

Feedback and suggestions are welcomed (one suggestion/issue per thread, please).