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Facebook Auto "Most Recent" Stories

Change Facebook and groups feed to "Most Recent"

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Facebook Auto "Most Recent" Stories

This script is a Userscript to work with Facebook.

With this, your feed is automatically sorted to the most recent activity.

As well, if you like to see the most recent posts in the groups, this script do the job for you.

Note: You must install this userscript from here: Greasy Fork: Facebook "Most Recent" Stories.

How to report an issue?

Before submit a comment reporting any issue, ensure that:
If the problem is not related with Facebook itself. Facebook regularly has problems with the feed.
If you do not have any Facebook script that is conflicting with this script.
If you do not have any extension or application that blocks GM protocols to inject code into page.

I use the GitHub as bug tracker. If you find a bug, go to here and click on New issue.

Do not submit a issue solely saying that the script has a bug or something is not working. Give me as much detail as possible and how to reproduce the problem. If you do not give me details I do not have the ability to guess what it is or what is causing the problem. For more informations how to report an issue, see this bug report template.

If you know how to solve the problem and want to contribute, please open a Pull Request with your solution.

Group feed:

If you want to see New Activity instead of Recent Posts, you need to change that in the script.
To do so, you need to change the gpop[*] index from gpop[0] to gpop[1] everywhere this variable is used.