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W.A.R. Links Checker Premium

detects live, dead and premium links.

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I moved my scripts from to here.

*****NEW HOMEPAGE*****

License: GPL version 3 or any later version (

Automatically checks links from hundreds of file hosts.

live links show green
dead links show red
premium only links show pink
temporary unavailable links show yellow

After installing you need to open the configuration window and enable the hosts,for firefox Open the configuration window by hitting CTRL+ALT+C on the keyboard or from the greasemonkey drop down list

click select all to enable all hosts or put a check in the box next to the hosts you want checked, Also check the settings tab to set any options you want, after every update you will need to open the configuration window and click select all or put a check in the box to enable any new hosts added in the update.

For more info go to my Homepage