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Google Black Bar Returns Now Customizable!

This Script brings back the Google Navigation Bar with customizable options, and removes the App Grid navigation entirely. You can change the links on the bar, the colors of the bar, the background image of the bar, and if the bar is always visible, or not. Check for updates regularly for bug fixes, and new features!

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Posté le: 01/08/2017
Édité le: 15/05/2019

New Script from original Author

link to the original script to help prove I am the original Author.

Here is my completely rewritten script with quite a few improvements over this one (For example, no need to refresh the page when changing settings anymore, and a color picker to pick that exact color you want!).

It's not entirely done yet, but it should be more stable than this script will ever be again, and I will keep updating it.

Posté le: 31/08/2017

Unfortunately pretty useless since Firefox v55

Posté le: 10/05/2019

^ this issue has a response on the details page of my script page. In short, the issue was due to GreaseMonkey making some internal changes. TamperMonkey is the addon this script was designed with.

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