town selection error

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hello Danielv123 and thanks for your great script. it really helps

but for no reason started loosing the count of the cities.

i chose 8th city to send at 10 city. it sends from 8 to 9.
when i choose to send from 8 city to 11 , it sends from 8 to 10 etc ( one town before)

i did deleted reinstaled, cleared cache etc nothing worked!
hope you can find a solution!


  • Yes, unfortunately this is an issue which I am yet to solve. It will be offset by one if you are sending from a lower number to a higher, but fine if you are sending from a higher to a lower. I also believe there might be some problem with town number 12, but don't know about that.

    Unfortunately I don't think I have the time to fix it due to other projects and the fact that I no longer have an account for the game. If you do have a fix though, I would be happy to post it with proper attribution.

  • ok thanks
    i am not that good at coding, but i will give it a try.
    if i fix it even by luck i will leave a post here
  • Thank you :smile:

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