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Specific Text on search page play audio alert

I have need for this in two areas. One I am looking for a specific string of text and the other is to alert me a captcha was on the page. Both are really the same thing just different text strings. I am using Firefox and I have problems with my vision. I keep missing things. I thought maybe there was something out there that did this but after days of searching I came up with nothing. The closest thing was using greasemonkey to do it.

If you can help thank you very much!


  • There are many scripts for finding text in a page, but I don't know about a CAPTCHA. There might be multiple ways to do that. For example, if a site is using ReCAPTCHA, there will be an iframe from Google's site.

    I did create a demo script to play a sound that you (or someone) could borrow from when text is found.
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