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Image Viewer

inject this script into any page, and right-click on the image you want to view full-size

Braden Best
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Web Image Viewer by Braden Best

This userscript is hosted at

Which is synced with the gist over at github.

This means that it'll always be at the bleeding edge.


To use this script, inject it into any page, and RIGHT-CLICK on the image you want to view full-size

This can be accomplished by

Controls / Features

Drag 'n Drop -- mouse

while the image is "open", you can drag it around with the mouse to pan instead of scrolling

In Firefox, it's a little different. You have to click the image to toggle the dragging functionality on and off

Image controls -- mouse

There is a close button, and a full URL link at the top of the page

Clear all images -- Esc

You can press Esc to close the image without the need for clicking the close button

Refresh Queue -- Ctrl

You can press Ctrl to re-initialize the script, for when dynamically generated images don't respond to right-clicking

Resizing images -- Mouse and Arrow Keys

If you left click an image spawned by the script, and press the arrow keys, you can resize the image. Left/right for width, and UP/Down for height

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Cyberdevil for providing suggestions

  • Escape key
  • Provide Direct URL to image
  • Image should be draggable
  • Don't let it interfere with default click events
  • Various Bug reports