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Carga automática de las siguientes páginas web paginadas e inserción en la página actual. Admite miles de sitios web sin ninguna regla.

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Puntuación: Bueno; el script funciona tal y como promete

Publicado: 24/3/2022
Editado: 24/3/2022

Would be awesome if it could be made to not work on every page for security reasons. Also a way to temporarily pause on a page would be great without turning it off.

Publicado: 25/3/2022

Thanks for review.
You can set all of these on config page.
Uncheck the "Auto run (black list mode)" to make it work on white list mode. Enable when click "Enable" on command menu if you wish.
Double-click on the blank space or click the page bar to pause temporarily.

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