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Series Highlighter - MAL

Highlights entries that already exist on your MAL lists

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Highlights rows with anime/manga entries that are already in your list, and highlights shows when accessing an artist entry on the database.
*By default the script colors are based on how the user has marked the show (watching/reading, completed, on-hold, dropped or plan to watch/read).
*This script IS compatible with !

The script works on 52 pages on MAL! They are: (Click here)
Season Pages
Genre Pages
People Pages
Character Pages
Interest Stack pages
Producer (1769) Pages
Magazine (1122) Pages
Shared Anime/Manga Pages
Anime/Manga Search Pages
Anime/Manga Search Pages ALL
Anime/Manga Lists (The script can't detect the anime status so all Anime/Manga will have the same color) (If you have the "Top Upcoming Anime" and/or "Top Airing Anime" widgets enabled) (All 3 pages under reviews.php both for anime and mangas) (All 9 pages under topanime.php) (All 9 pages under topmanga.php) (The script can't detect the anime status so all Anime/Manga will have the same color)

*The script also changes the Edit button text and color to match the entry status on anything under these 5 pages.:


To choose the colors you want STRICTLY follow these steps: (Click here)
1 On tampermonkey go to dashboard -> settings -> general section -> config mode and enable advanced mode.
2 Install the script.
3 Open any page that the script works on
4 Open the tampermonkey dashboard
5 Click on the script name
6 Click on "Storage"
7 Replace rgb(x x x / 30%) with the color you want!
8 Click on "Save"!