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Block Youtube Users

Hide videos of blacklisted users/channels and comments

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BYU Menu

  • it hides videos of blacklisted users/channels from home, search, related, and comments
    • also from the playlists, but it doesn't prevent them from playing if the playlist is in autoplay
  • put a * in front of a word for wildcard (only in the blacklist), it will find the word no matter its position in the username

    • when you use it, but you want a channel that has that word in the name, you can put it in the whitelist
    • example:

      blacklist: *news

      whitelist: euronews (in english)

  • it is not case-sensitive

  • remember to save after any changes in the menu

  • you can open/close the menu either by clicking on "B" or by pressing ctrl+alt+b


  • pause: you can temporarily pause the blacklist (to reactivate it, just re-click on it or reload the page)
  • separator: you can choose the symbol to split the usernames (default is a comma, * and " aren't allowed, min-max 1 character)
  • timer: you can choose the duration of the time interval in which the script checks for new elements on the page (default is 1000 milliseconds, min 500, reload the page after saving to set the new interval)
  • comments: you can hide comments (after saving you have to reload the page)
  • pause video: from a direct link to youtube, it pauses the video if it's blacklisted
  • right click add: you can blacklist channels by right clicking on [x] before the usernames

    in any case, the [x] buttons are automatically shown when the "B" menu is open

Known bugs and issues

  • It doesn't block channels that have the separator symbol in their names, either use a wildcard or change the separator symbol.

  • THE OPTION right click add MAY NOT WORK, or even in general

    it probably means that youtube has changed its layout, until it changes for me too, I can't fix it