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Search by Name or Relevance bug

My Script name is "No-Cache UserScript Link Loader". I expect that when I search "No Cache UserScript", it shall be the first result in both by Relevance or by Name.

Other userscripts are just having "cache" and "userscript" in their script description, while mine is having the matching in the script name.
Therefore, it shall be top result for by Name or Relevance

Same issue for "Tabview Youtube"

Other scripts are just quoting its name in their script description. The highest relevant result shall be the script with the name matching the search.

Publicado: 21/5/2023
Editado: 21/5/2023

Same issue for "网页限制解除"

It supposes to show results like 网页限制解除(改) and 网页限制解除

but currently all the unrelated scripts are shown and these two scripts are not included in the result.

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