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[Question] WebHook & Additional info

Publicado: 14/5/2023
Editado: 14/5/2023

I am trying to use webbook to sync scripts from GitHub to Greasy Fork, and I have some questions…

  • If I update additional information (or changelog) on (/scripts/*/versions/new), then push a new version to GitHub, will the additional info on remain?

  • Is there a way to update additional information automatically?

    In python world, we can specify readme = "" in pyproject.toml to tell PyPI use it. Does this kind of thing exist here?

(Thanks in advance :-)

Publicado: 15/5/2023

You can also, separately, have the additional information synced from somewhere. You can set this on the Admin tab of your script.

Setting your code to sync will have no effect on additional information.

Publicado: 16/5/2023
Editado: 16/5/2023

I didn't notice the script's admin tab. Thank you!

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