Greasy Fork is available in English.

Antifeatures are things added to scripts to benefit the authors rather than users, such as ads or tracking. Scripts with antifeatures are allowed according to Greasy Fork's rules but they must be marked with @antifeature in the script's metadata block. Doing so will ensure the user is aware of the antifeature prior to installing.

Antifeatures are specified as script meta keys with the format @antifeature type description. type is required and description is optional.

This page describes the types of @antifeature recognized by Greasy Fork. Other types may be used, but the presence of the antifeature must not be against Greasy Fork's rules.

@antifeature ads

The script inserts advertisements on pages the user visits.

The following do not require the use of @antifeature ads:

@antifeature membership

The script requires the user to subscribe to a channel, join a group, like a page, etc. for the script to be fully functional.

The following do not require the use of @antifeature membership:

@antifeature miner

The script contains a cryptominer or other code that uses the user's resources to perform some task for the script author.

@antifeature payment

The script requires the user pay the script author for the script to be fully functional.

The following do not require the use of @antifeature payment:

@antifeature referral-link

The script performs some action that earns the author commission on purchases. This includes the script containing referral/affiliate links, rewriting existing links to be referral/affiliate links, or providing coupon codes that earn the script author commission.

@antifeature tracking

The script includes code to track user activity. This includes trackers such as Google Analytics or custom tracking code that reports user activity to the script author.