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This scripts shows the internal "evernote:///" URI of a note

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This script allows you to easily use in-app note links inside Evernote Web. From the official Evernote documentation:

In-app links are used within the Evernote application to link to a note from within another notes. In-app Links can also induce the launching and subsequent opening of the desired note in an Evernote client from other applications. All note links start with evernote:///. Classic note links allow applications to reference a specific note within an Evernote client application. They can be used to link from one note to another or to allow easy access to a note from another context, such as a calendar invitation.

Unfortunately, in-app note links cannot be created in the Evernote Web client. Existing note links work flawlessy, including the presence of a nice preview tooltip on hover, but new ones cannot be created. This script solves the problem by providing an easy way to copy the link. After it is copied, you can use it inside other notes.

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