mmmturkeybacon Color Coded Queue

Adds Turkopticon ratings. Changes the title row of a HIT's description to match the average of it's Turkopticon ratings. Changes the color of the reward amount to match the color of the Turkopticon rating for pay. Adds colored checkboxes to show/hide colored highlighting. Changes the background color of the HIT title and link to white for Master's HITs. Changes the color of visited links to black. Changes requester's name into a link that searches for HITs by that requester.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2.56
  • v2.55 - slight change so layout looks good when used with Cristo's Full Queue
  • v2.54
  • v2.53
  • v2.52
  • v2.51
  • v2.50
  • v2.11
  • v1.10 - Clicking color checkboxes now removes highlighting instead of hiding HIT.
  • v1.01
  • v1.00