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  • v2.0 2024-05-02

    2024-05-02 v2.0 应对谷歌,调整寻找链接机制,增加异常链接排除;应对部分页面自刷新导致图标显示异常情况(有可能需鼠标扫过才恢复);图标激活效果改为变色反白;代码增加可选开关:[closeOnScoll]预览窗外滚动关闭预览窗。 | In order to be compatible with Google, adjust link searching mechanism and exclude special links; for some page having self-refreshing action that cause icon abnormally, add resuming mechanism (sometimes moving cursor over is needed); icon will change color while invert itself when hovered; add in-code switch [closeOnScoll] for an option to close the preview window when scrolling outside of it.

  • v1.9 2024-02-23

    2024-02-23 v1.9 修复忽略掉含有target属性链接的bug。 | Fix a bug causing links with 'target' attribute to be neglected.

  • v1.8 2024-02-22

    2024-02-22 v1.8 针对折行文本优化图标位置算法;增加新标签页打开按钮;增加左侧调整大小手柄;增加默认钉住预览窗选项。 | Optimize algorithm for setting the position of the icon for wrapped text; add button to open the page in the preview window in a new tab; add a resizing handle on the left; add menu option to switch between default pinned mode or not.

  • v1.7 2024-02-01

    2024-02-01 v1.7 增加切换点击还是悬停预览的菜单项。 | Add menu option to switch between click and hover mode.

  • v1.6 2024-01-31

    2024-01-31 v1.6 修正因默认放大率导致视频预览时跳动问题(只影响已应对的视频网站且放大才明显故一直没发现)。 | Fix video preview jiggling problem.

  • v1.5 2024-01-31

    2024-01-31 v1.5 修正避免重复触发预览的算法,修正预览窗标题显示不全问题;在mega和github上禁用。 | Fix the method to prevent repeating preview activation; fix incomplete title text problem; disabled on mega and github by default.

  • v1.4 2024-01-12

    2024-01-12 v1.4 增加小面积链接的触发延时,减少误触;改进图标、预览窗定位算法;应对视频网站链接;增加钉住按钮。 | Prolong activation delay for links with small visual size to prevent accidental activation; improve positioning methods for icons and the preview window; direct preview video for Bilibili links; add pinning button.

  • v1.2 2024-01-02

    2024-01-02 v1.2 优化样式,优化图标位置算法。 | Optimize styles; optimize algorithm for setting the position of the icon.

  • v1.1 2024-01-01

    2024-01-01 v1.1 修正有时预览窗大小过小问题,调整预览窗放大率。 | Fix the bug causing too-small preview window size; adjust preview window scaling rate.

  • v1.0 2023-12-30

    2023-12-31 v1.0 在0.2版基础上,实现了预览窗口拖动移动、拖动调整大小,添加了弹出、加载、关闭动画,优化了图标显示的位置,优化预览页面缩小效果。 | From the base of v0.2,added dragging to move / resize the preview window, added pop-in, loading, vanish animation effect, improved icon positioning method, improved previewed page scale-down effect.

  • v0.2 2023-12-26
  • v0.2 2023-12-26