Youtube AdBlock ban bypass

Fix the "Ad blockers violate YouTube's Terms of Service" Error

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  • v1.4 2024-01-16
    🐞 Temporary fix for "double audio bug"
    If this breaks stuff even more complain in the feedback and I'll fix it

    Unfortunately I have not been able to get the issue to trigger in a development environment, if anyone who is who is getting this bug would like to do some testing, DM me on discord my username is obelous

  • v1.3 2023-11-18

    Youtube AdBlocker ban bypasser V1.3

    Big thank you to Master Racer for contributing alot in this update!

    🐞 Cleanup code
    🐞 Support timestamp tags
    🐞 Fix playing in the background
    🐞 Hide youtube logo

    Getting closer to fixing playlists

  • v1.2 2023-11-02

    Youtube AdBlocker ban bypasser V1.2

    Unfortunately I am unable to test this script as youtube has stopped giving me the error, please excuse any issues and report them in the feedback tab.

    If you would like to fix bugs or improve this project please fork it on github and create a pull request, this makes it easier to determine who should receive credits and makes updating this project easier.

    🐞 Fixed execution issues
    🐞 Fixed playlists(?)
    ❓ Improved browser compatibility
  • v1.1 2023-10-26

    Youtube AdBlocker ban bypasser V1.1

    ❓ Updated info
    ❓ Release on github
    🐞 Fixed fullscreen bug
    🐞 Fixed autoplay bug
    🐞 Fixed creating player when navigating Homepage > Video

    Thank you to Master Racer for fixing the autoplay and fullscreen bugs.

    Known bugs:

    🐞 Doesn't work on playists
    🐞 Player always appears in front of youtube ui
  • v1.0 2023-10-19

    Sorry for the version jumping and any inconvenience caused, In the future I will be more sparing with updates, I am quite new to creating user scripts.

    Anyways this version fixes the play back errors, the reloading issue and adds some comments to the code, please report any issues in the feedback section.

  • v0.43 2023-10-18

    Fix reload issue

  • v0.42 2023-10-18

    Revert name change

  • v0.41 2023-10-18

    Temporary workaround to google's patch:
    From what I can gather google will now check that the iframe a website is on has a different url that isnt etc, I would recommend looking at other solutions for example 'alternate youtube front ends' may have support for ad blocking.

    I have temporarily made clicking the video redirect to the embed page, I am currently still trying to find a better solution, if you have any suggestions, requests or questions feel free to leave a comment in the feedback tab.

  • v0.32 2023-10-16
  • v0.31 2023-10-15

    fix typo

  • v0.3 2023-10-15

    Readme tweaks

  • v0.2 2023-10-15
  • v0.1 2023-10-15