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ChatGPT ChatTree 🌳, 🚀permanent and unrestricted management of your interactions with ChatGPT🚀 🔄real-time updates and visualization of ChatGPT conversation tree🔄 💡ChatGPT conversation tips, custom annotations, bookmarks💡🔍Smart Search in ChatGPT: quickly locate specific conversations🔍 📋ChatGPT Interaction Management Panel, user-friendly interface, comprehensive ChatGPT interaction management options, categorization, tags, and more📋

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  • v2024.05.03.01 2024-05-03

    Today is an important day as openai changes chatgpt domain page from to, which doesn't match some of the most important metadata of this script. In order to catch up with this `fabulous` change, the author uses approximately 30 minutes to update this script.
    Many thanks to OpenAI for such a seemingly meaningless and unexpected change, without which I could've forgotten about the existence of this script, and had required me to spend time adjusting to this futile alteration.
    Most of the basic functions still works. If you have any questions or troubles using this script, please DM me or just open an issue on
    Also, if you love what experiences this script provides you, please give me a favorable comment or high opinion. Hope you guys have a good day!

  • v2024.02.21.01 2024-02-21

    1. 修复按钮看不见的问题
    2. 优化逻辑

  • v2024.01.24.01 2024-01-24

    Update Logs:
    - Enhanced the "go_to_certain_conversation_node" function to accommodate custom user instructions during navigation within the conversation tree.
    - Improved the logic to handle diverse user inputs, ensuring accurate and efficient traversal to the specified conversation node.
    - Fixed edge cases where the navigation could lead to unexpected behavior, providing a more robust and reliable user experience.
    - Conducted thorough testing to validate the changes and ensure compatibility with various dialogue histories.

    Please refer to the updated function documentation for more details on the changes made to "go_to_certain_conversation_node."

  • v2024.01.23.02 2024-01-23
  • v2024.1.23 2024-01-23

    - Revised the function of dragging the button.

  • v2023.11.30.01 2023-11-30

    Update Log:
    - Update the selector of conversation squares to fix problems during turning to any paths.
    - Disable develop mode.

  • v2023.11.15.01 2023-11-15
  • v2023.11.14.01 2023-11-14
  • v2023.11.12.01 2023-11-11

    Update Log:
    - Change the main page, mainly description of the project.

  • v2023.11.11.01 2023-11-11

    Update Logs:
    Adapt the script to BOTH previous and new types of UI interface.

  • v2023.11.08.01 2023-11-08

    Update Log (November 8, 2023)
    1.Instant Tree Updates:
    With critical backend improvements, updating your conversation tree is now instantaneous. Our direct integration with the messaging service ensures your chat updates in a blink!
    Smooth Navigation:

    2.Size doesn't matter anymore – navigate through your extensive tree swiftly, without any lag, regardless of its size.
    Media and Code Interaction:

    Enjoy the new ability to preview images and copy code directly within the ChatTree interface!
    Bookmark and Comment Retention:

    3.We've ensured that your previous bookmarks are saved and persist through updates.(Comments may be deleted!)

    - On the Horizon:
    Tree Sharing Feature:
    We're brainstorming innovative ways for you to export and share your entire chat tree. Stay tuned for this exciting development!

  • v2023.11.01.01 2023-11-01

    Update Log (November 1, 2023)
    - Engine Enhancements:
    Optimized Tree Dragging:
    Experience smoother interactions when dragging extensive trees. Thanks to the integration of two rendering methods, lagging issues have been resolved.
    - Upcoming Features:
    Whole Tree Import & Export:
    Get ready to effortlessly import and export your complete dialogue tree, including all associated images! Expect this feature in the next 1 to 2 weeks.

  • v2023.10.27.01 2023-10-27

    New Features:
    - Customizable Node Colors:
    Go beyond just the main background – now customize both your node color and that of chatGPT. Dive into your artistic side and create a unique chat experience.
    - Easy Contact Methods:
    Want to reach out? Simply hover over the WeChat or QQ icons on the right side to easily add my WeChat or join our QQ group.
    - Language Options:
    Choose your preferred language from the options provided. If your language isn't listed, please let me know!

    Bug Fixes:
    - Tree Icon Indicator:
    The tree icon color now accurately reflects the button's state, ensuring a clearer user experience. Say goodbye to confusion!

    Important Note:
    - Storage Requirements:
    Ensure your disk has ample space to safeguard your data. If storage runs low, your browser might automatically delete data. Please reserve at least an additional 5GB where your browser stores data to avoid data loss.

  • v2023.10.26.03 2023-10-26
  • v2023.10.26.02 2023-10-25
  • v2023.10.26.01 2023-10-25

    Update Log (Version 2023.10.26.01)
    Bug Fixes:
    Button Visibility:
    Addressed feedback from some users who reported the button disappearing after clicking.
    - Introduced a toggle function: Look for the button situated on the right side, in the middle, which features a tree icon.
    - Red State: The button can be anchored to the navbar.
    - Green State: You can freely drag the button anywhere on the screen without worrying about it vanishing.

  • v2023.10.24.01 2023-10-24

    - Bug Fixes:
    Dialogue Tree Visibility:
    Resolved an issue where the main button would disappear when displaying the dialogue tree.
    Comment Preservation:
    Due to improvements on the OpenAI page, users can now update their trees without the risk of deleting their comments.
    Upcoming Features (Post-Physics Exam! 😂):
    Language Customization:
    Users might soon have the option to select the script's language as per their preference.
    UI Personalization:
    Planning to provide users the freedom to customize the colors of both the chatGPT and user nodes in the tree. Additionally, there may be preset color options available.
    Extended Accessibility (This is a bold move!):
    I'm considering a feature that would allow users to export their entire dialogue tree, enabling them to review conversation histories on any computer.

  • v2023.10.20.03 2023-10-20
  • v2023.10.20.02 2023-10-20
  • v2023.10.20.01 2023-10-20

    New Features:
    Enhanced Accessibility:
    The Management Panel and Navigate Buttons can now be anchored beside the History bar, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

    Bug Fixes:
    Dialogue Tree Update:
    We would like to inform our valued users that choosing to update the dialogue tree will result in the loss of previous records, including bookmarks and comments. This is a consequence of specific features inherent to OpenAI's page, and is an unavoidable compromise to maintain the script's core functionality.
    We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and patience. We are continuously working to enhance the user experience and appreciate your feedback to make improvements.

  • v2023.10.18.01 2023-10-18

    Update Log

    - New Features:
    Management Panel Optimization:

    The Management Panel now displays only the conversations that have been saved, excluding all other user-opened conversations.
    The interface has been refined to clearly indicate the operation’s target conversation.
    User Customization for Conversation Tree:

    Users can now modify the Conversation Tree's background and its opacity to suit their preferences.

    - Bug Fixes:
    Dialogue Update Fix:

    An issue where not all dialogues were being saved has been resolved. Now, all dialogues are consistently saved.
    Setting Module Improvement:

    The setting module's visibility can now be toggled with a click, eliminating unintentional display during mouse movement.
    Enhanced Feedback Button Visibility:

    The feedback button is now more visible and accessible, ensuring quicker reporting and resolution of bugs and issues.

  • v2023.10.16.01 2023-10-16

    Update Log
    New Features:
    Management Panel: You can now star (bookmark) important conversations, which will then appear at the top of the list.
    View Deleted Conversations: You can now view saved conversations even if they have been deleted in OpenAI ChatGPT. Click the 'eye' icon next to each conversation in the Management Panel to access this feature.
    Bug Fixes:
    Real-Time Saving: Changes made in the Management Panel are now saved in real-time. This eliminates concerns about unsaved changes or outdated information.

  • v2023.10.15.01 2023-10-15

    !!Please Stop the Previous Script 🌳ChatGPTTree🌳!!

  • v2023.10.13.01 2023-10-13
  • v2023.10.5.02 2023-10-04
  • v2023.10.5 2023-10-04
  • v2023.10.4 2023-10-04