Greasy Fork Theme Engine [BETA]

A sleek Geasy Fork redesign with support for custom colors. Supports both light mode and dark mode.

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  • v0.9 2024-01-09

    Some improvement in responsive styles, mainly in the header.
    I should create a sidebar for mobile.

  • v0.8 2024-01-09

    Got rid of strict positioning of nav items in the header. Using flex now.
    Need to make the header responsive on mobile.

  • v0.7 2024-01-09

    Maybe calling it BETA is better. Incomplete sounds like it's been dropped or something. Heh.

  • v0.6 2024-01-09

    Logo on the homepage is now clickable because I'm a refresh addict.

  • v0.5 2024-01-09

    I've moved to Violentmonkey and this version works perfectly here.
    Fixed the delay in styles activating with a brute-forced method.
    Added [INCOMPLETE] to the script name to let you know that a lot of changes are remaining till this is stable.
    I'll remove that when I'm comfortable with the script in daily use.
    It's now back in development. Cheers.

  • v0.4 2023-10-01

    Very experimental. I was exploring how I could speed up the load process, but it seems to simply be impossible with Tampermonkey.

    This version adds a opacity 0 style to the html tag as early as possible, and it's still not early enough. That's just sad.

  • v0.3 2023-09-30

    Updated how the nav buttons text is changed so that it doesn't harm translations.

  • v0.2 2023-09-30

    The top sites are now visible in the home screen in this version.

    Previous version has removed page borders and shadows, and introduced a search engine look to the home screen.
    The navigation buttons have been redone, and a new sidebar should be introduced in a future version.

  • v0.1 2023-09-29