MAL-Character Renders in the Side + Custom Scrollbar

Easily Customizable Character Renders and Custom Scrollbar for MyAnimeList

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  • v3.0.4 2021-12-06
  • v3.0.3 2021-12-01

    Added Naruto + Sasuke V2

  • v3.0.2 2021-11-18
  • v3.0.1 2021-08-19

    edited to make it work better with certain other scripts

  • v3.0.0 2021-07-14

    Converted all values to '%' (frm 'px').
    Added Hatsune Miku, Luffy + Ace/Sabo (you can change Ace to Sabo) & a "Show all" option which shows all 5 character. (each char - 5 secs)

  • v2.1.0 2021-07-13

    added kaneki to the "custom characters" url. u can change it if u want.

  • v2.0.2 2021-07-13
  • v2.0.1 2021-07-13
  • v2.0.0 2021-07-13

    Completely modified code to add a options menu in Stylus's popup menu.

  • v1.4.1 2021-07-10
  • v1.4.0 2021-07-10

    Made the scroll thumb's corners a bit rounded to make it look more stylish

  • v1.3.3 2021-07-01

    Fixed Typo, and replaced renders with higher quality ones.

  • v1.3.2 2021-07-01

    Changed Scroll thumb's hover color to a variable, and made customizations easier.

  • v1.3.0 2021-06-28

    The modern list style css editor page is no longer affected by the character renders, but, I have left the custom scrollbar as is

  • v1.2.1 2021-06-28

    v1.2.1 - Fixed typo

  • v1.2.0 2021-06-28

    v1.2.0 - The Scroll bar code no longer affects the notifications and animelists.

  • v1.0.1 2021-06-28
  • v1.0.0 2021-06-28