modification /\ ANTI AD /\ DarK Mod /\ BIOM Map /\ Big Store /\ Game Music

Game Music, BIOM Map(also 2 funny Maps), NO ADs, Dark Mod!!, Midddle big Store / Big Store , PRESS F8 TO HIDE MANAGE PREFERENCES(THIS BLUE THING THATS SUCKS(FOR FULL MAP)) , AutoReload Website if disconnected(sometimes its doesn´t work)

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  • v1.21 2021-04-07 An other Discord-Server
  • v1.2 2021-04-05
  • v1.2 2021-04-02 + More FPS
    + AutoReload Website if disconnected
    DarK MoD is now "Darker" (more Things are now dark)
  • v1.0 2021-04-01