SISI´s HacK | HAT MACRO | Katana + Musket | AUTOHEAL | Anti-Insta | INSTAKILL | NO ADS and more

[N] For 3 Windmill (behind you) | [O] For 5 Windmills | [G] for BoostSpike | [H] For 2 Turrets | [F] For Trap or BoostPad | [V] For Spike | [P] For 4 Spikes | [ArrowLeft] for Active/Unactive AutoHeal |[R] for Insta-Kill | [I] for 4 Trap or BoostPad | [L] for Musket | [1 on NumPad] for Katana + Hammer | [9 on NumPad] for Spinning Spikes | | | If you chatted you must click once on the screen! )))Rainbow HP-Bar((( !! Press "insert" to open Music-Menu !!

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Jacob Sanu 2021-05-09
Last: BiG_LoOseRAuthor 2021-05-10
How do you install
XXIAMBRUHXX 2021-04-27
Last: BiG_LoOseRAuthor 2021-04-28
how do i do katana musket?
INHALE MY DONG 2021-04-19
Last: BiG_LoOseRAuthor 2021-04-26
OK changeing hats olny work
THe REAL shot 2021-04-01
Last: BiG_LoOseRAuthor 2021-04-20
Good this sucks
XXIAMBRUHXX 2021-03-29
Last: BiG_LoOseRAuthor 2021-04-19
not working

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