[s4s] interface

Lets you view the greenposts.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v3.33 2018-07-17 bug fix (don't use document.documentElement til page is loaded), centered non-quick reply form
  • v3.31 2018-05-28 bug fix - thread watcher broke if non-s4s thread was watched and appeared before [s4s] threads in the watch list. now it doesnt lole
  • v3.3 2018-05-25 4chan's native thread watcher will now highlight watched threads that have new interface posts in them by turning green, and interface posts will show up on the index even in infinite scroll mode.
  • v3.2 2018-05-16 non-4chan X users (or those who don't 4chan X's index) can view the green posts in the index, and native 4chan posts now correctly link to the interface posts when using >>123456-123 format
  • v3.1 2018-04-20 bug fixes see github commit histry
  • v3.0 2018-04-10 Green post count for threads in the catalog
  • v2.1 2018-04-08
  • v2.1 2018-04-08 bug fixes - remembers namefig, QR always opens on quoting, some optimizations
  • v2.0 2018-04-07 Tons of features (implemented almost solely by kekero) - quick reply integration, interface updates on thread updates, quoting.
  • v1.041 2018-04-04 bug fix regarding out of order posts on deleted posts
  • v1.04 2018-04-04 full fix for disappearing posts.
  • v1.03 2018-04-03 partial fix for disappearing posts. full fix on the way.
  • v1.02 2018-04-03 black text
  • v1.02 2018-04-03
  • v1.01 2018-04-01 Uses SSL now :^)
  • v1.00 2018-04-01