MunzeeMap Filter

filter for munzee map

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2020.08.12.1806 2020-08-12
  • v2020.08.11.1849 2020-08-11 Udate types DB on GitHub
  • v2020.08.09.1046 2020-08-09 Updated types on GitHub
  • v2020.06.16.1851 2020-07-03 Change geolocation service and other changes/fixes.
  • v2020.05.29.2010 2020-05-30 Add some rate limiting.
  • v2020.05.29.0910 2020-05-29 Fix for getting location physical address. API only accepts integers and not floats - was returning 400 bad request.
  • v2019.07.23.1130 2019-07-23 v2019.07.23.1130 has bulk toggle buttons fully functional!
  • v2019.07.22.2157 2019-07-23 Fixed new type reporting.
  • v2019.07.22.2125 2019-07-23 v2019.07.22.2125 -- better logging and reporting options.
  • v2019.07.22.1952 2019-07-23 Some minor fixes including pulling raw json from GitHub
  • v2019.07.22.1844 2019-07-22 Knows more types, has ability for people to submit an issue on GitHub for unknown types, put types in separate .json files on GitHub to reduce need to update local script on user end.
  • v2019.07.19.1212 2019-07-20