YouTube Uploads Sorter Button

Adds a button to a YouTube channel's videos page which sorts recent uploads by views

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v0.14.7 2023-05-16

    add support for shorts

  • v0.14.6 2023-05-08

    Fix comment

  • v0.14.5 2023-05-08

    Updated to work with site changes

  • v0.14.4 2023-02-03
  • v0.14.3 2023-01-28

    Chip style and switch from include to match url

  • v0.14.2 2022-12-19

    Fixed to work with site change

  • v0.14.1 2022-12-04

    Added waitforload so it loads faster and doesn't skip loading

  • v0.14.0 2022-12-04

    Updated to work with new YouTube page

  • v0.13.1 2022-07-13

    Fix to work with page changes

  • v0.13 2022-04-07

    Updated to work on Chrome

  • v0.12 2019-05-24 fix to work with uploads that have no views
  • v0.11 2019-05-24 fix to work with uploads that have 1,000,000+ views - remove all commas, not just the first
  • v0.1 2019-05-23 change name
  • v0.1 2019-05-23