Add YouTube Video Progress

Adds a progress bars (or dots) at bottom of video, a progress text which includes video quality and subtitle indicators, and a chapter title box on the YouTube video page.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v1.16.76 2021-08-15

    Fixed progressbar text no longer showing due to site changes.

  • v1.16.75 2021-08-12

    Update for site changes

  • v1.16.74 2021-07-04

    Fixed publication date tooltip no longer showing due to site changes.

  • v1.16.73 2021-07-01

    Workaround for chapter list without any 00:00 entry which may cause problem on presenting the chapter title. An "(Untitled)" chapter at 00:00 will be automatically added in this case.

  • v1.16.72 2021-06-21

    Update for site changes.

  • v1.16.71 2021-06-15

    Added background chapter progressbar on chapter progress text (ver2).

  • v1.16.70 2021-06-15

    Added background chapter progressbar on chapter progress text.

  • v1.15.69 2021-06-08

    Fixed chapter text continuously hiding/showing itself due to unordered/duplicate timestamps in chapter list.

  • v1.15.68 2021-05-25

    Fixed OK button on configuration popup.

  • v1.15.67 2021-05-18

    Updated chapter detection method.

  • v1.15.66 2021-05-17

    Fixed chapter title from previous video is still showing after navigating to a video without any chapter.

  • v1.15.65 2021-05-11

    Exclude any "-" prefix prior chapter titles.

  • v1.15.64 2021-02-09 Fixed progressbar not appearing on embedded YouTube player.
  • v1.15.63 2021-02-06 Fixed dark theme for chapter title box. Updated for better dark theme compatibility.
  • v1.15.62 2021-02-01 Fixed display of chapter title box
  • v1.15.61 2021-01-26 Added chapter box to show current video chapter title (if available) at right side below the video player
  • v1.14.60 2020-11-18 Fixed video quality on text video progress sometimes shows "???" due to site chances
  • v1.14.59 2020-11-16 Fixed text video progress sometimes goes blank
  • v1.14.58 2020-10-30 Fix for "[C]" subtitle marker not being shown due to site changes
  • v1.14.57 2020-10-29 Update for site changes.
  • v1.14.56 2020-10-24 Fixed frozen playback time due to site changes
  • v1.14.54 2020-08-13 Added preferred subtitle language option. Made the subtitle indicator clickable to toggle subtitle. Minor subfixes.
  • v1.13.50 2020-07-09 Added video publication/recording elapsed date to video date tooltip.
  • v1.13.49 2020-06-23 Made subtitle marker to also show lowercase "[c]" if auto-generated subtitle is the only available subtitle. Fixed available video qualities in video progressbar tooltip doesn't include quality details on some videos.
  • v1.13.47 2020-06-12 Made subtitle marker to show lowercase "[c]" if auto-generated subtitle is active
  • v1.13.46 2020-06-12 Fixed progressbar auto hide. Fixed subtitle tooltip for translated language. Workaround fix for 50fps/60fps video quality detection.
  • v1.13.43 2020-06-09 Added: configuration GUI, progress text in document title, current subtitle tooltip; Made subtitle marker bold if subtitle is enabled. Fixed: subtitle detection, progress text repositioning.
  • v1.10.38 2020-06-06 Fixed progress text shows "???" if it has no subtitle
  • v1.10.37 2020-06-05 Workaround fix for previous update: progress text shows "???"
  • v1.10.36 2020-06-05 Fixed blinking progress text. Previous workaround for it reverted.
  • v1.10.35 2020-06-05 Fixed subtitle languages tooltip shows data from previously viewed video.
  • v1.10.34 2020-06-04 Workaround fix for blinking progress text.
  • v1.10.33 2020-06-03 Added "[C]" indicator on progress text if subtitle(s) are available, and its tooltip will show the avilable subtitle languages.
  • v1.9.32 2020-04-17 Fixed progressbar publication date tooltip showing "Invalid Date"
  • v1.9.31 2020-04-17 Fixed video publication date tooltip showing the previosly viewed video instead of the current one
  • v1.9.30 2020-04-17 Added publication date tooltip to show the complete date
  • v1.8.29 2020-04-17 Added autohide progressbar if YouTube video controls is visible (configurable; default is enabled)
  • v1.7.28 2020-04-15 More bug fix. Darn it.
  • v1.7.27 2020-04-15 Bug fix for previous bug fix
  • v1.7.26 2020-04-11 Fixed progress text not working after navigating from user/channel page which was opened as the starting YouTube page
  • v1.7.25 2020-04-06 "???" video quality text bug fix for previous update
  • v1.7.24 2020-04-05 Added support for 60fps and HDR (VP9.2) video qualities
  • v1.6.23 2019-10-10 Fixed video progress text dynamic placement algorithm
  • v1.6.22 2019-09-29 Tiny adjustment of video progress text location
  • v1.6.21 2019-09-29 Adaptive placement of video progress text when the viewport width is too narrow
  • v1.6.20 2019-09-19 Fixed Video progress text location on Chrome
  • v1.6.19 2019-09-19 Relocated video progress text to avoid conflicts
  • v1.6.18 2019-09-13 Fix for YouTube layout changes to prevent the video published date from being hidden
  • v1.6.17 2019-08-27 Added current video viewport dimension to the current video quality line of the progress text's tooltip. It'll be appended with e.g. " (870x422 viewport)". This is for knowing whether the dimension of the selected video quality is too low or too high for the current video viewport.
  • v1.5.16 2019-04-14 Added support for embedded YouTube. Added separate setting for progress dot size if dot style is enabled.
  • v1.4.14 2019-04-13 Added a setting to show graphical progress as dots instead of bars.
  • v1.3.13 2019-04-10 Added more details to tooltip of current video resolution on video progress text.
  • v1.3.12 2019-04-09 Added support for YouTube's Dark Mode. The progress text style will change automatically when the Dark Mode is toggled on or off.
  • v1.2.11 2019-04-06 Added video buffer progressbar (shown in blue by default; configurable in the script). Added "+" suffix to video quality text on the video page when there's a higher video quality available. Changed video quality text tooltip to include all available video quality IDs. Trimmed progress text.
  • v1.0.9 2018-06-04 Added showing the video title when the video control bar is shown and while in fullscreen mode. This feature can be disabled in the script.
  • v1.0.8 2018-03-13 Bugfix for previous update
  • v1.0.7 2018-03-13 Fix for the new (unstable) YouTube changes. Please adjust the delay setting in the script if needed.
  • v1.0.6 2018-02-06 Fixed progress text not updated in some cases. Made progress bar configurable. Styled the progress text.
  • v1.0.3 2018-02-04 Fixed progress bar and text not showing if video page was loaded as the first page of YouTube. (f##k you, Polymer!)
  • v1.0.2 2018-02-04 Fixed progress bar and text not showing
  • v1.0.1 2018-02-02